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The Choice Of Hook And Loop For The Apparel Industry

hook and loop tape, also known as magic, is a product of most applications in the apparel industry, with button and zipper, compared with buttons or zippers on clothing, use tape to facilitate environmental protection, so that in the increasingly wide range of applications.

Often based on material both on tape and glue are classified.

"Materials" category: according to the material and cut it into tape Ribbon gum, waste plastic and three types. Different materials to offer you a wide range of options, according to the selection of suitable materials.

The "glue" category: glue on the tape played a strong role, mainly in high temperature and high temperature resistance type. Different resin produced by the tape used is different.

A high quality clothes, materials used and each making links is carefully designed together, tape as the most important part not only of good quality, stronger adhesive, also consider the overall aesthetics of use on clothes, in the choice of a certain feel.

hook and loop effect tends to be affected by a number of factors influence its use with the tape environment, taken together, as well as making material is a matter of. Quality materials can make the tape service life long, clasp together stronger, such as nylon, polyester, anti sulfuration, the production of heat-resistant material to achieve the desired buckle effect. Adhesive tape can play a better role in fixing.

Tape after all will wear due to use, so the opening and closing number is a factor affecting the galling effect. hook and loop buckle repeatedly over more than 10,000 times, more open, more near the limits of use from it, thus the old tape is often no good new bond, but the tape service life is long, used for gluing as a General with no problem.

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