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Sew On Hook And Loop Fastener Installation Construction Method And Quality Standard

Sew on Hook and Loop Fastener are a kind of mechanical parts which are used for fastening connection and widely used. All kinds of Sew on Hook and Loop Fastener can be seen in a variety of machinery, equipment, vehicles, ships, railways, bridges, buildings, structures, tools, instruments, instruments and supplies. It is characterized by a wide variety of specifications, the performance of different uses, and standardization, serialization, and the degree of generalization is also very high. Therefore, some of the existing national standards of a kind of Sew on Hook and Loop Fastener known as the standard Sew on Hook and Loop Fastener, or referred to as standard pieces. Sew on Hook and Loop Fastener are the most widely used mechanical base parts. With China's accession to the WTO in 2001 and enter the ranks of international trade powers. Fastener products in China are exported to many countries worldwide, the world's fastener products have also been pouring into the Chinese market. As one of the products with larger import and export volume in China, Sew on Hook and Loop Fastener are of great practical significance and strategic significance to promote the development of fastener enterprises into the world and to promote the full participation of fastener enterprises in international cooperation and competition. Due to specifications, dimensions, tolerances, weights, performance, surface conditions, marking methods, and acceptance inspection, marking and packaging requirements for each specific fastener product.

Mainly used in steel structure installation of ordinary bolts, torsion shear type high-strength bolts, large hexagonal head high-strength bolts, rivets, self-locking nails, rivet, nail, Anchor Bolt, anchor Bolt, such as fastening standard installation construction methods and quality standards;

Other areas, the use of steel frame fastener installation Construction can also be referred to the implementation.

site, discharge material site ready, with construction conditions;

All see the construction personnel have participated in the Construction technology disclosure, clear the construction procedures, construction methods, installation processes, quality standards,Sew on Hook and Loop Fastener finished product protection and HSE technical requirements;

The construction monitor, the hillock length should be familiar with the construction drawing material, standard Atlas, construction and acceptance standard specification and so on;

The varieties, specifications and performance of the products should conform to the current national product standards and design requirements, and have product quality documents. High-strength large hexagonal head bolt connection pair and torsion shear type high-strength bolt connection shall be inspected separately with the box with torque coefficient and fastening axial Force (pretension).

A high-strength bolt connection shall be supplied according to the packing box, the batch number, specification, quantity and production date shall be indicated. Bolt, nut, washer appearance surface should be oiled protection, should not appear rusty and contaminated with stolen goods, thread should not be damaged;

B ordinary Bolts as a permanent connection bolts, when the design has a requirement or the quality of their doubts,Sew on Hook and Loop Fastener should be the bolt physical minimum tensile load retest, each type of bolt spot check 8;

c) the torque coefficient of high-strength large hexagonal head bolts should be retest and the inspection report issued, each batch of 8 sets of connecting pairs for reinspection, after the reinspection calculated the average of 8 sets of joint torque coefficient should be 0.110 ~ 0.150, the standard deviation is less than or equal to 0.010;

d The torsion shear type high-strength Bolt connection pair should carry on the pretension to retest and issue the inspection report, each batch extracts 8 sets of connecting pair to carry on the reinspection,Sew on Hook and Loop Fastener the pretension average and the standard deviation should conform to the following table requirements:

e) for the structural safety level, the span of 40m and above the bolt ball joints steel grid structure, its connection high-strength bolts should be carried out surface hardness test,Sew on Hook and Loop Fastener according to the specifications of 8 spot checks. The hardness of 8.8 high strength bolts should be hrc21-29, and the hardness of 10.9-grade high-strength bolts should be hrc32-36 and no cracks or damage.

F High-strength bolt connection in the transport, storage process, must be light, lightly unloaded, not damage thread;

G high-strength bolt connection should be kept according to the batch number and specification of the packing box, which is strictly forbidden to open the box before use to prevent contamination of stolen goods;

H high-strength bolts on the day required to receive the quantity, the warehouse should be registered to take personnel, collar use specifications,Sew on Hook and Loop Fastener the number of lead, use parts, the remaining bolts properly kept, not littering, disorderly put.

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