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Seven Characteristics Of Hoop And Loop

hook and loop are commonly used in our lives to an item, whether it is casual shoes or clothes, bags, toys, electronics, tape has good adaptability. Next small make up you look at tape of seven features.

1, hook and loop strap easy to use, fast, both gluing and require ripped is very convenient, and hook and loop strap the special affordable, it is affordable.

2, hook and loop strap colour resists fading, like red, yellow, white, black, and other colors everything, it can achieve the effect of fixing, bonding, and can play the role of ornament, decoration.

3, the hook and loop tape is extremely strong, its hooks and its rough surface after fitting together, were fixed items not easily fall. When used for fixed wire and cable hook not only obvious but also has insulating effects.

4, tape heat resistance is very strong, even soaked in boiling water will not soften and change, not only the limits of high melting temperature and temperature can reach 120 degrees.

5, tape is very soft, toughness, neither damage nor injury fastened object, but also not easily deformed. Can keep both the fastening of the role, but also to protect objects that were strapped.

6, tape is used by the manufacturer of nylon, polyester and other quality materials, both with the flame retardant, environmental features and affordability of iron, and has a very high tensile strength.

7, because the tape made of material wealth, such as nylon, polyester, gum and so on, thus the scope is very wide, in apparel, footwear, industry and other industries has a wide range of applications.

In short, our lives have been tape is not only rich, but there is a great deal of convenience. Development and social needs, making tape manufacturers have been working to improve the quality and design of technology. Believe that the development will be tape towards diversification, technology and other aspects of development.

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