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Hook And Loop Manufacturers Tell You How To Tell The Quality Of Hook And Loop

hook and loop is used widely in our lives and bring a lot of convenience to our lives. hook and loop is a small one, but the quality is good or bad, do not necessarily each hook and loop hook and loop manufacturers produced is good, following acute di textile teach you, how to tell quality of hook and loop.

The density of 1, Gou Mao on both sides, we need to look at the base with steel, which means magic weave tightness.

2, material, females and the degree of density is to a large extent reflects the magic of good or bad, in General, females and males face more closely, then the magic performance is better, is the best. hook and loop on the material nylon brush and acrylic fiber brush, nylon as well, also used polyester for processing;

3, glue, nylon and polyester mix material properties are also very good, look at degree one-side adhesive, generally with the comparative method, or with an electronic balance weighing more; then see if double-sided match closely, paying particular attention to colour fastness.

Market all of our products are designed for the consumer, it's primary role is to facilitate and improve our lives, and so should your hook and loop design from the consumer's point of view.

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