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Hook And Loop Easy To Manufacture, High Strength

The Hook and Loop connectors have now been further studied, and the Hook and Loop connectors are able to connect the different plane objects in a very simple and quick way. It is common to connect not only the edges of the contact, but also the joints as locking belts or similar items. Hook and Loop connectors are generally composed of two parts, that is, a single hook, a double crochet or an umbrella-shaped bump formed by the hook-link components and by the fiber or wire forming a ring structure used to fasten the hook-and-link components. Typically, a very strong Hook and Loop connection is divided into two types, for example, for shoes, it must be locked open several times, but only a few times, for example, a disposable product.

A ring-sleeve part for a Hook and Loop connector is provided, which is easy to manufacture and has high strength. In accordance with the task of the invention, the ring sleeve part is made of a non-woven compound with a crimp-deformed polymerization thread, wherein the nonwoven composite is used as the carrier of the crimp-deformed polymerization thread, while the crimp-textured silk thread forms the ring sleeve of the hook-and-link component. The ring-sleeve parts of this structure have very good properties and are more effective than the current known hook-and-link components which are made up of crimp fiber as the actual hook-and-link medium. In accordance with the embodiment of the present invention, the non-woven fabric or non-woven fiber is not the joint point of the clasp, but only as the carrier of the crimp-textured silk thread with's warp knitting, and the crimp-textured silk thread forms a ring sleeve.

In order to realize the invention, the nonwoven composite can also be made from high strength and no crimp fibers. The best use of filament here.

If you want to make the Non-woven compound particularly soft, you can also use micro-fiber.

A particularly advantageous embodiment is the nonwoven compound consisting of at least two layers of non-woven fabric. There can be different changes here.

If the Non-woven composite is made of spunbonded nonwoven/Melt Spray (Meltblown) or spunbonded nonwoven/melt/spunbonded nonwoven fabric, it can provide a good solution. In this, a very loose middle layer is realized between two layers of spunbonded non-woven fabric made of filament.

An improved hook for Hook and Loop fasteners, especially a molded plastic hook for use with a low ring. Hook and Loop fastener technology is known, wherein the fastener comprises two strips which can be separated, and a velvet head connected with each other on the strip surface. One of the velvet heads has several annular elements, while the other has a hook-shaped element that can interact to form a separable connection.

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