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Hook And Loop

Hook and loop tape, is the common connection accessories clothes, on both sides, one side is fine soft fibers, circular (LOOP), the other side is hard bristles with hook (HOOK). Clothes HOOK on it.

Products are widely used in clothing, shoes, hats, gloves, bags, sofa, car, poncho, curtains, cushions, air supplies, toys, sleeping bags, sports equipment, audio equipment, medical equipment, tents, BMX sheath, all kinds of military products, electronic wires, charger, display apparatus, and so on.

Health Hui magic posted and technology products close related, with times changes, magic posted of application was electronic hi-tech industry bullish, land gradually continued of magic posted related products was development design out, and large production input using, Dell, Samsung, Apple, Lenovo, a large number of hi-tech electronic class products are with Shang has magic posted tied with, various design form varies of products in electronic life in the everywhere visible.

Hook and loop is made Switzerland an engineer George-de-maisitale (1907--1990) invented the. his hunting trip at a time, he found the needle grass stuck to their clothes. He observed with a microscope and found that needle grass fruits there is a hook-shaped structure, you can glue on the fabric. So he thought of rough surfaces are secured with hook.

Has long existed for such a structure in the birds ' feathers, birds of feather by feather shafts and vanes formed. Pinna is constituted by many long thin feather. Feather barbules and thick lined on both sides. Barbules side bearing uncinate (Hook), and other side-bearing nodules (loop), adjacent barbules of each hook knot up, constitutes a solid but flexible vanes, fanned air and protects the body. The barbules of the separated by external forces, can take the beak Pecks the comb and hook knot again. Birds Peck taking uropygial gland secretes oil to Peck Combs feather when painting, pinnae intact structure and function.

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