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Diversification Of Hook And Loop

Is a relatively new members about the velcro, just like traditional ties, velcro is developed on the basis of this. Now, because the media is powerful, so velcro attached the new merchandise listed attracted the attention of many people. In particular has a lot of products they now specify the use of the velcro, under the market development prospects, we can find that thing: only continue to meet the increasingly diverse needs of consumers, innovative research and development, always take the customer as the Center, will be developed.

As an easy to wear items, we also need to perform necessary maintenance on it, only in this way can effectively extend the life of, or waste a lot of resources that are not necessary. Protecting properly, velcro for their positive energy can say you would have been unthinkable, why are you so confident?, according to the survey, hook and loop Industries covered by the thousands, all cable ties are basically velcro figure.

In addition, the suppliers in order to obtain a better development of the velcro, based on the original technology has developed a lot of functions. Designers also warned the user of the need to maintain good velcro, extending their service life. Perhaps you can't imagine, that is, by virtue of such a small velcro, there are many people who have nothing now, rich has successfully became jealous of millionaires.

hook and loop is a widely used product, now is becoming more and more rapid development of hook and loop, hook and loop adhesive hook and loop is coated with a special material on the back, and after high temperature treatment made of hook and loop, no sewing is required, and can be used directly, and the adhesive is very strong, not easy to fall off.

Now we wear clothes, computer package to see Magic's shadow, now velcro has been gradually replacing zippers and buttons, is widely applied to clothes, shoes, electronics, and so on.

Adhesive hook and loop is on the basis of traditional velcro, add a layer of adhesive glue stick on the plastic surfaces, wood products, viscous, very good, and can be used more than once, not easy to fall off.

Velcro posted tied with can convenient of used to finishing and combs household appliances of wire and data line, with velcro posted technology of development, magic posted of application is constantly of in improve, and products of type and style also constantly of in progress, from initially of clothing factory using of nylon magic posted, to plastic, and furniture using of back rubber magic posted, electronic factory using of electronic wire magic posted, again to hardware using of and so on, are is a very big of progress.

Current electronic wire and velcro can be used inside the machine, computer external mouse lines, network cables, audio cables and other cables and wires are bundled together, keep your computer's line is very beautiful and neat, but also easy to clean and tidy.

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