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Sew-on Hook and Loop cable tie

hot selling buckle hook and loop cable tie,black

hot selling buckle hook and loop cable tie,black


Name: buckle hook and loop strap
Specification: made in different sizes according to customer's requirement, hook and loop strap can also be printed LOGO or other information product.

material: nylon

Uses: widely used in logistics, trays, snap-gauge, turnover box for binding goods.Bound books, binding machines, gift packaging, paper box, model car, can be used repeatedly and convenient.Suitable for all kinds of fastening, binding, used to prevent loosening.Professional card board bandages, environmental protection, can be repeated use of more than 5000 times, simple and quick, perfect instead of the traditional wrapping film, greatly saves the cost.

 Features: save time and effort, one operator can be bound to produce a great binding force of bundling device,bind and discharge quickly.Easy to operate, and instantly tighten, it will not fall off, instantaneous relaxation, easy operation,easy recovery, does not occupy a space.Does not hurt the goods, the product adopts flat ribbon fiber material, completely protect the goods damage, force bearing point dispersion, soft, not to hurt the goods.The binding belt is used to fix goods when they are transported, moved, shipped or stored.After they are fixed, not shedding, safe and reliable, lightweight, easy to operate, to protect the object from damage, won't fall down.


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