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High frequency Hook and Loop

Voltage high frequency hook and loop

Voltage high frequency hook and loop


Product type: High frequency hook and loop

Specification: 16-150 mm (Can be customized or processed as required)
Material: nylon

Use: this product is widely used in stationery, raincoat, sports protective equipment, waterproof bag and safety signs, clothing shoes and hats, gloves, leather bags, plastic poncho, curtain, sofa, cushion, sleeping bags, baby diaper, sports equipment, medical equipment, tents, BMX sheath and all kinds of military products, electronic wire, etc.

Features: high frequency hook and loop is at the back coated with a layer of special material, suitable for high frequency voltage to the machine, through the high voltage can be bonded with PVC and other plastic products by high temperature voltage, product has strong viscosity, not easy to fall off, avoid sewing, etc.High frequency magic tape adopts PC glue gum, the use of high frequency (high frequency thermal bonding) of the machine will be pressing hook and loop on the fabrics of PVC material.

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