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Fire retardant Hook and Loop

Good quality fire retardant hook and loop,colours

Good quality fire retardant hook and loop,colours


Product type: Flame retardant hook and loop,fireproof hook and loop

Specification: 10-150 mm (Can be customized or processed as required)
Material: nylon

Use: this product can replace buttons, zippers, nails, clips, pins, buckle, buckle, such as functions, can be widely used in sports equipment,medical equipment, clothing, shoes and hats, bags and other products.

Features: the magic stick can be processed into any specified shapes, simplify component design,reduce manufacturing costs to achieve excellent product tensile properties, super strong anti-shearing, positive tension and art design space.

Through after the flame retardant processing, left after the fire, 3 to 6 seconds, will not become the medium of flame, accord with the eu and the United statesstandards .Used for fire protection clothing categories, and textiles with fire protection requirements.

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