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Hook And Loop Hair Rollers

Environmental protection high quality hair band hook & loop

Environmental protection high quality hair band hook & loop


Product name: hair band hook and loop 
Material: nylon
Specification: 60 * 100 mm (Can be customized or processed as required)

Features: hair band is the finished product after die-cutting, no matter what shape can make, use special convenient, get up to brush your teeth, wash a face, cooking can be attached to the head, fixed hair, prevent hair fell down,hang them on your hair when you go shopping, beautiful and generous.Hair band hook & loop, it consists of special weave, can according to customer requirements, striping, back glue, die cutting, stamping, screen printing pressure word, sewing, laminating, processed into a variety of sizes, shapes and patterns.

Hair band hook & loop is mainly used in the hairdressing industry, easy to use, especially for haircut industry, can be said to be the prerequisite products, at the same time can also be used in our daily life, such as wash a face,brushing your teeth, eat,etc, can fixed hair, prevent hair scattered.

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