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The Super Practical Of Adhesive Hook And Loop

Today we are want to introduce a family of ultra practical hook and loop, its use of very simple, durable, does not hurt the skin and was posted interface, it is the hook and loop products in the adhesive hook and loop.

The use of hook and loop is more and more widely, and today we are to tell you how to use it in the air conditioning and remote control, the use of very simple: First, we are buy a good or ready adhesive hook and loop,one side is the hook, other side is loop. The kind of double sided adhesive, the use of the remote control and air conditioning is because it's very smooth interface is the plastic interface, the glue is easy to stick, the use of room temperature glue on it, then we should start using, release the paper in the hook and loop back, and then to paste the glue side on the air conditioning, the rest of side with adhesive on the back is to paste on the remote control.

adhesive hook and loop uses a wide range, also in the use of electronic technology products above, household goods, office supplies, it can not only use the smooth interface, you can also use the copper paper, paste very convenient and fast!



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