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How Can The Tape Last Longer?

hook and loop has successfully entered the market these days, a lot of products, has a hook and loop strap. Now tape the color and not a single black, now on the market, there were various colors of tape.

This is also to meet people's needs, meet the demand for products, manufacturers of the results of research and development, but in order to secure or to extend the life of tape, using tape in the process, we need to pay attention to what details?

Tape actually belongs to a consumable, and now it is closely related to our life, in such a context, if people did not take care, may, within a short period of time, let the lost effectiveness, in order to ensure and extend the service life and when we use hook and loop, should also pay attention to normal maintenance.

With the extension of time, its function will be attenuated, so use the tape in the process, we must be careful when participating in outdoor activities, and avoid using strong strength to tear tape.

This will effect the thorn head, generally need to be opened on both sides when we need a light hand operation, better results. And tape when it is installed, try not to use it to design objects that require powerful force, and it is safe, will also extend the life of hook and loop.

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