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Adhesive Hook And Loop Is Widely Use In Our Life Which Perform Magic

Hook and loop is now more and more widely used in life, quietly volatile their connection and fixed functions, services and convenience of people's lives. In life, adding some ideas and ideas can make it play a different role and effect, so that our life is full of fun and poetic. The following is more common in life and relatively easy to operate several kinds of adhesive hook and loop application examples.

First, fixed carpets In the home life, we often in the living room door and bathroom door to shop a carpet to prevent rain or bath after a smooth floor fall, but the carpet often occurs sliding phenomenon, it is annoying. Then you can use the adhesive hook and loop to fix the carpet, to prevent it from slipping. First tear oil release paper, one shop in the shop, the other side of the sticky carpet on the back, stick together on both sides can be fixed to the ground. The sticky is very strong, if not to tear, is not torn, and holding a good viscosity, in a very long time can maintain a strong viscosity.


Second, Fixed IPAD life, we used to electronic equipment, and sometimes hand is not convenient, you need to help by adhesive hook and loop. With his electronic devices, such as IPAD, mobile phones, you can watch TV while doing other things, and easy to use, to bring our lives a great color.


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